Heeblys Rewards Terms

EARN: With Heeblys Rewards you earn 10% back on all your purchases!

How it works:

For every dollar you spend after discounts and gift card credit is applied, and before tax and shipping, you earn 10 Heeblys Rewards.

Rewards are automatically saved and can be managed in your account.

When applied, every 100 Rewards will take $1 off your purchase total!

REFER: Referring a friend who is not already a customer with us will grant both you and your friend rewards. Your friend will receive 100 Rewards for their signup, provided that they do not already have an account. You will receive 1,00 Rewards automatically after your friend has created an account.

Please note the following:

Rewards are earned on total purchase amount after discounts and gift card credit is applied, and before tax and & shipping.

Rewards cannot be used with any other Heeblys promotions.

Rewards are not earned on returned products.

Rewards multiplier promotions will not apply to orders with partial returns.

Heeblys reserves the right to adjust or change the above terms of Heeblys Rewards at any time. Notice of the change will be delivered to
Heeblys Rewards Members via their account dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Heeblys Rewards?

Heeblys Rewards is our free rewards program that lets you earn Rewards for referring friends, making purchases and writing reviews. You can redeem Rewards in the Rewards Shop and on future purchases! Create an account now to view the Rewards you’ve been earning.

How can I earn Rewards?

You can earn 100 Rewards for creating an account, 100 Rewards for writing reviews, 100 Rewards for referring friends, 25 Rewards for sharing Posts and 10 point for every $1 you spend.

How can I redeem my Rewards?

Rewards can be redeemed in the Rewards Shop.

Why can’t I see the my Rewards at checkout?

Unfortunately, you are unable to redeem Rewards on partial orders at this time.

Can I earn Rewards on an order where I’ve used a gift card?

Rewards are earned only on the order total after any discounts have been applied.

What happens to my Rewards if I make a return?

Earned Rewards from your returned order will be deducted from your account for any product that is returned.

What happens if I redeemed Rewards and make a return?

The Rewards used on the returned order will go back into your account.

Do my Rewards expire?

No, your Rewards never expire!

Are there any limitations on the numbers of Rewards I can earn or redeem?

No, you will earn Rewards at a rate of 10% for all purchases and 100 Rewards for each new referral that signs up as a new user . You may redeem as many Rewards as there are in your account.

How can I see how many Rewards I’ve earned from past purchases?

Log in to your account and click on your rewards history. You will see how many Rewards you’ve earned on past purchases, new referrals, and when you have redeemed your Rewards.

How does the Refer a Friend work?

You can share just about any page on Heeblys with a Social Network of your choice and any friend who is not already a customer with us creates an account through your Social Network post, you will automatically earn Rewards. Your friend must click the referral link, which directs them to our site where they can create an account. Your friend will receive 100 Rewards upon signup.

Does the referral code expire?

No, it does not! Your friend can click on your referral link at anytime to make their first purchase.